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Friday, March 11, 2011

Creative by LYNDA

When I first started doing my wedding preparations, my peers encouraged me to start on a pre-wedding business based on my experience working independently for my big day which fell on a very auspicious date, 1.1.11 *smile*

But why Creative by LYNDA? It's quiet and it's simple with a very sophisticated appeal. Each design is unique in its own distinct way. My ideas offer exquisite designs in style, chic and timeless. Perfect for the newly weds! And above all, the end products are delivered to the best and ensure your best moments are worth remembered, that's my promise.

Needless to say, Creative by LYNDA has everything you need to plan your perfect wedding..... after all, it's proven and I am just loving my own wedding outcome. Simplicity and elegant..... that's what it is!

Our name will confuse you, with the word "by LYNDA" who stands alone in the name but, we actually work in a team of two ;) But you have to admit, the logo design is pretty cool right? That's because it was designed with Creative by LYNDA.

Much Love,
Hazlynda Kushairi